This award is presented each year to someone who has done an outstanding job for athletics in general and has shown consideration and assistance to the high school prep scene and the Michigan High School Coaches Association. The following is a listing of the past recipients of the MHSCA Distinguished Service Award.

Ron Finch
Win Shuler
Bob Reynolds
Fritz Crisler
Biggie Munn
George Alderton
Jack Heppenstall
Buck Reed
Don Wattrick
Terry McDermott
Ray Fisher
Francis Staley
Bingo Brown
Bill Kelly
Earl Messner
Wally Weber
Russel LeCronier
Charles E. Forsythe
Dale Kennedy
Forster Wilkinson
Jim Lewis
Harold Sponberb
Hal Middlesworth
Clayton Kowalk
Bill Odykirk
George Maskin
Sam Madden
Brother George
Bob Calihan
Paul Carey
Don Canham
Fred Stabley
Brick Fowler
Muddy Waters
Jim Campbell
Morley Fraser
Helen Geovanes
Vern Norris
Russ Thomas
Don Lund
Walt Bazylewicz
Richard Snyder
Marykaye Murphy
Tom McShannock
Warren D. McKenize
Dick Kishpaugh
Kermit Ambrose
Tiger Teusink



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