Jim Maier

      Lakeshore High School, Stevensville

Jim Maier has 44 total years of coaching experience, 27 of which were spent coaching girls’ basketball and 10 coaching boys golf which he continues. His overall record sits at 432-174. Jim dedicates time to the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan serving as All-State selection chair. He has also earned honors as Coach of the Year for Women’s Basketball and was inducted into the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan Hall of Fame in 2004.

     Beyond what he has accomplished on the courts and fields, Jim has been recognized as dedicated to the programs he has worked for. He is known for instilling a “winning attitude” in all his athletes that leaves them desiring more in sport and in life. He has had a loyalty to the school system that has allowed him to create respect in his athletes and colleagues. Jim has been active in multiple civic programs and gives back to the community and those in it every chance he has. Jim has been a leader amongst his colleagues and example for his athletes and students and continues to do so.

     Jim is very proud of serving the students at the middle school level by being a counselor for twenty five years.







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