The Measurement of a New Season

 As coaches, educators, and leaders, we all have another school year and sports season just beginning.  Over the past 30 seasons the years have been measured and the expectations lined out, at the beginning of each school year and the start of each new season. The new faces, the new challenges, and the new possibilities. 

 It is no different for the MHSCA, and we have a lot of NEW to measure up to. First to the membership – what will the new season offer them?  Will the MHSCA leadership be able to offer a way to reach the common goal they seek? 

 We, the MHSCA leadership, want our members to partner with us and to assist us in the development of these goals and the offerings.  We want to provide the membership the honors they deserve, the educational resources they need, a platform to express their opinions and a place to nurture ideas that can be developed. Please lend us your voices and let us know how we can help you with your goals.

 Can the MHSCA measure up to new challenges? 

 We face the challenge of using multiple forms of media formats to provide a platform that is readily available and comfortable to navigate. We want to ensure that the members are kept up on what is new, meeting their expectations of having it in hand instantly.

 We face the challenge of continuously seeking additional financial resources and cost-free ways to achieve the organizational goals in an ever shrinking highly competitive environment.

 We face the challenge of keeping true to the values of the MHSCA while developing new possibilities to meet the needs of all our association members. In other words, stop thinking, “why is this MHSCA?” and start thinking, “this is the MHSCA!”

 Coming up with new possibilities and goals each year can be viewed as endless, but for our 2016-2017 year, there are some that are not goals, but need to be viewed as challenges that we just need to “get done.”   

 Can we meet the challenges of 2016-17? How will the MHSCA be measured?

What is your input?


James M. Okler, CMAA   

Grosse Ile Athletic Director

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